"You don't become artisan, you are born artisan. This is not a job, it's art that passes from generation to generation, and this heritage I have, I owe to my mother." says one of our Wayuu leaders

  • We promote their  valuable work

  • We provide them continuos work at fair prices

  • We donate part of the proceeds from the sale of Luxchilas products to benefiting them, feeding the children, providing school supplies and recently buying solar panels 

In the near future we will support them integrally, especially in areas like education and health.


We want to give back to society. The Wayuu community still live under precarious conditions. That is why we want to help improve their lives  but always respecting their culture, beliefs and ancestral traditions.

our philanthropic commitment

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If you want to help us feed Wayuu Children and want to learn more about the Foundation we work with, ​please click here.

Not only are they inspired by nature and reproduce their environment through designs with geometrical and colorful patterns, but also weave as a symbol of wisdom, intelligence and creativity.



For centuries, their women have used ancestral techniques to create the traditional hand woven Mochila.

the wayuu
indigenous tribe 

We want to contribute to preserve the vibrant and exciting culture of the Wayuu Indigenous community that live in the Guajira Peninsula, in the north region of Colombia.

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